Tradesman’s Liability Insurance

Tradesman’s Liability Insurance

Tradesman insurance is essential if you work on a site, in a customer’s home or other premises as you will need public liability insurance to protect yourself against any injury or death caused to a third party, or damage to there property from incidents arising from your business activities.

You may also require additional covers for professional indemnity, Tools, Plant Equipment and

Who can we cover?

We can cover all sorts of tradesman so, whether you’re a builder, carpenter, decorator, electrician, plumber or handyman let us help find the right level of insurance cover for you.

How does tradesman Insurance work?

You can tailor your tradesman insurance policy to your individual business needs. So, if you’re a sole trader, partnership or own a limited company we will have a policy for you.

Types of cover:

  • Public Liability : It protects your business from claims that may arise as a result of accidental damage or injury that a customer or a member of the public suffers in connection with work you carried out. This can be both at your premises or at the customers, if they for example trip over your equipment they may make a claim against you for the injuries they suffer. This is where the public liability cover would cover your legal fees and any compensation that could be due as a result of the claim.

  • Professional Indemnity: If you provide professional advice you are selling your knowledge and expertise to the customer(s). You could be doing this in many different ways such as producing designs, providing consultancy or advisory services. If your customer(s) accuse you of giving incorrect advice that led to them suffering financial loss, they may bring a claim against you. For example, you are an electrician and have certify that wiring has been installed correctly, but subsequently there is an electric fault that causes a fire and burns down the building. The professional indemnity insurance will cover costs for damages or compensation claims against the work.
  • Buildings cover: You could add cover for your business premises such as your office, garage or workshop.
  • Plant equipment (owned or hired): whether a piece of plant machinery or equipment is hired or owned it could be covered for loss, theft or damage.
  • Stock: Provides a tradesman with cover for stock, materials in trade and customer goods for which you are responsible against damage, loss or theft.

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Finding competitive tradesman liability insurance isn’t complicated. In fact, you can do it right here, right now. Use our tradesman’s Liability comparison services to find the right deal for you. Protect your business with tradesman liability insurance.

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